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  1. antares

    How to remove the clothes of the soul burn and soul flare?

    How to remove the clothes of the soulburn and soul flare when we have the buff? Is it delete some of the files or download some mods?
  2. Request Texture soulburn/soulflare upk

    As the title says, all i want are the soulburn/soul flare upk as well as their accessories (wings to be more specific) trying to replace soulflare with soulburn but sadly, i don't have the time to update the oneclick tool's database (takes for-goddamn-ever) and this will be my only time to play...
  3. GunerX

    Texture All Races - Soulburn to Hongmoon Starter

    http://www.mediafire.com/file/19o26ms7134r8h5/All_Races_-_Soulburn_to_Hongmoon_Starter.7z https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/e5fb0087c2d811aa8f890d57b0cdb86742f3d74f3516d25173c639caeb0ff007/detection
  4. MusitaX

    Request Texture Soulburn Costume

    Greetings, i was wondering if there would be any possibility to mod the soulburn costume (which tools i'd be needing, maybe somebody has the knowledge to guide me or w.e..) and take off certain details? Such as the Blueish rope around the waist and... other textures like in this picture: ...
  5. Request Texture WL Soulburn outfit and dragoncall animation remove

    Hello, im looking for: - file which removes soulburn outfit during sb - file which disables dragoncall animation can anyone share files with me for that? I believe it would help me with fps in game but unfortunately i don't know how to remove it.
  6. GunerX

    Stuttering when WL Soulburns? Try this.

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