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  1. Simplemode F12, NCsoft removed the easy way

    So NCsoft made it impossible to use simple mode in f12 with the easy way. so we have to mod it again in the XML but when i try it i end up having only LMB in the simplemode / RMB. im playing Assassin so this is pretty vital to myu parses anyone knows whats wrong or has gotten it correctly.
  2. Awaken BM Simple Mode ( Lighting only )

    I spent a few days editing and testing the addons and it seems that it finally worked. If you have any problems, please let me know My nick in game: Bruxinho/Juditte Discord: Bruxinho#4607
  3. Justbringit

    BD Simple mode dead after awk patch

    Hey there, i dont know why but since awakening patch bd simple mode doesnt anicancel Right anymore. since yesterday the Rotation its trying to do is f lmb lmb f lmb lmb which makes no sense at all. is it possible to mod it back again to f lmb f lmb?
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