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shadow gunner

  1. REQUEST: Remove 3 from Shadow GUN Simple Mode

    As the title says. I've attempted this myself and have only achieved to either remove 3 and also somehow 4 (despite not editing the 4 skill in the xml), or remove 3 with the side effect of the skill straight up locking itself when its on CD or doesn't have a target. Any posts about this same...
  2. Shadow Gunner add F and 4 in Bulletstorm rotation

    Hello everyone!!! I`m playing SHADOW gunner. I am noob in theme of "addons creating" and my English is not good. I want to know, does it possible to add UNLOAD [F] and UNDERTAKER [4] in rotation when Bulletstorm is active (If You know, in simple mode when bulletstorm is active it doesn't use...
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