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  1. Texture Looking for the upk files to this outfit?

    Hello I’m looking for the upk files to this outfit for lyn and jin and the name please?:bnsrose:
  2. skylifex

    General Request to remove ugly sin phantom outfit to normal outfit while tab

    help i want to see normal sin rather then black :( plz someone remove its black outfit when we press tabs
  3. Request Texture Howl at the moon

    Could someone help with this outfit? Was wanting to remove the fox over the shoulder on the male lyn version. Can leave the white tail on the lower back. Just feel the outfit would look better without the overly sized, awkwardly placed fox wasn't there.
  4. Inevertias

    Best Shaped GonF Outfit?

    I have an outfit question. Which outfit on Gon females have the best breast shape(the least torpedo tits) when using very big xml sliders? I am wondering what everyone thinks, i want to try and mod it.
  5. Request Texture Fulfilled moontide upk number help

    firends I search for the upk number of the moontide outfit , can anybody help me find it?
  6. Request: swap Hongmoon uniform to Grand Enchantment

    for Jin females. Much appreciated.
  7. redotix99

    Request Texture Less lewd Stratus empire outfit version

    Id like to have the Stratus empire with less "exposure" if you know what I mean. just cover the private parts a little more. If someone would be willing to do this for me I would be very very happy. But if you feel like doing even more than I do want to get in to making mods myself but I am...
  8. bunchamin

    mod Christmas 2018

    Download VirusTotal *** All male mod must put 00062007 and 00062008 (both) to your mod folder for complete flur detail around waist. This MOD replace Hongmoon School outfit. How to use 1. Create folder name "mod" in your game CookedPC folder i.e. [install path] (NA/EU) choose one for your...
  9. Request Texture courtesan outfit mod

    can someone remove the yellow and pink overall for jin f
  10. Hime

    Urban Legend [ replaces Hongmoon Uniform ]

    PREVIEW JinM GonF GonM LynF LynM Yun [/spoiler] DOWNLOAD VIRUSTOTAL Special thanks to Kaigame for the upk info! ♥ (except for the JinF ;>)
  11. Inevertias

    Request Texture Possible To Get a List of All Costumes?

    Hi, I was wondering if it is possible to get an entire list of all the outfits in the game with their respective ID codes? Does anyone have a list? Or if it is possible, how would one go about retrieving this list?
  12. So how do I go about modding an outfit?

    I want to customize a pre-existing outfit, mostly just a recolor. How would I go about doing so? o.o
  13. Senix

    Request Texture Loose Cannon Outfit Remove the coat

    Just as the title is said. If anyone can remove the white feathered coat part of the outfit that would be awesome. For female gon (willing to pay gold if it comes down to it possible other methods besides gold) hit me up on discord for more details
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