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Mesh UE4 Azure Dragon Variant Complete Set Swap for Male Gon



Azure Dragon Variant Complete Set Swap for Gon Daddies Males
It comes with instructions on how to use it if you are new to mods. This is a skimpier variant of Azure Dragon that NC tucked away in the files. Enjoy!
Also available for male Lyn in my mod thread under the outfit swaps section.

Because I know I will get asked, the male Jin version doesn't work properly and cannot be swapped easily because PepegaSoft removed the physics for the outfit. It is possible to restore it if you can rebuild the texture so that it fits the mesh in the game that does work, that mesh being the default Azure Dragon we have in the live server. There's two different meshes for Azure Dragon and while the meshes appears to be the same, the black color variant has a different UV.
Currently, I have no plans to restore the male Jin version but with this info, I hope another modder can eventually do it or I may revisit this as a future project. I know males get little to no mod support in this game, so it's disappointing even for me that the male Jin version got axed even if I don't play that race.
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