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  1. XTGMods

    Texture Model UE4 [GonF] Improved Faces

    Importing and editing faces is now possible via gltf format, you'll need to export all the morphed face models and use the morphed models as shape keys for the base face. General improvement for GonF faces, with a higher poly face model and some upscaled face textures (up to 2K). Most notably...
  2. XTGMods

    Texture NSFW Model [GonF] Skimpy/Sexy Mod Compendium

    Sorry, not sorry This post will be a collection of my mods, mostly for GonF with occasional mods for JinF as well. All mods in this thread will replace vanilla outfits with outfits from other games. I do not take any requests nor any commissions, and I will absolutely not make further changes...
  3. XTGMods

    NSFW Model UE4 [GonF, JinF] DoA Honoka Nude Body With Custom Jiggle Physics

    Working on NA/EU only due to localization Modified DoA Honoka Nude body for Gon and Jin female, the body proportions have been increased, therefore it is suggested that you don't go overboard with your sliders. There are both custom breast and butt jiggle physics for Gon female, but only breast...
  4. XTGMods

    How to UE4 How to import edited mesh into Blade and Soul successfully

    How to import edited mesh into Blade and Soul successfully Note: There is an extremely tedious process to successfully import your mesh back into Blade and Soul. I will not be teaching you how to use Blender, Maya, 3DS Max etc. There are hundreds of Youtube videos floating around that will teach...
  5. XTGMods

    Dance Animation UE4 Social Animations + Base Skeleton (Modders' Resources)

    If anyone else has trouble extracting social animations (emotes, dances etc.) or base skeletons of each race. I went ahead and extracted it into a usable format that can be imported into 3D modelling software such as Blender or 3DS Max. The mesh files are in .psk format, and the animation files...
  6. archonveins

    Request Texture Dance Animation UE4 [NSFW] Fighting animation request

    nsfw animation request where it replaces fighting animations with hump animations or masturbation towards the viewer (instead of facing toward the enemy it faces toward the viewer) when you land heavy or special skills it makes you cum. Would look fun with a bunch of people humping next to...
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