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mod help

  1. Solved Installing .pak files

    Hello, I was glad to see ue4 being utilized on Blade and Soul and some promises they said not being met from what I've heard. But from beside that, I have a curious question since some files have been different. I'm hoping any solution could help. :) 1. So on Bns Buddy. I'm having an issue...
  2. Texture Looking for the upk files to this outfit?

    Hello I’m looking for the upk files to this outfit for lyn and jin and the name please?:bnsrose:
  3. Request Texture Howl at the moon

    Could someone help with this outfit? Was wanting to remove the fox over the shoulder on the male lyn version. Can leave the white tail on the lower back. Just feel the outfit would look better without the overly sized, awkwardly placed fox wasn't there.
  4. Request Addon Equipment management

    That you know, does it exist or would it be possible to create an addon to manage the equipment? To quickly switch from pvp to pve equipment without having to do everything manually? Or to remove and replace accessories during pve farming? Thanks in advance for your answers!
  5. Request Texture Gon Female to Lyn Female

    Can someone give me the Download link ? PLS i search now for days.. and explain me how to start it? Sry for my bad eng..
  6. Request Texture Fulfilled moontide upk number help

    firends I search for the upk number of the moontide outfit , can anybody help me find it?
  7. Request Texture Weapon color adjusting?

    I'm new to this thread I dont know if one exists or not, but curious if someone could help me find or make a mod to change or adjust the color of the inferno illusion lynblade, maybe from red to a black handle?
  8. Request Texture please help me find a upk number for the outfit

    dear fellow , I have been searching with both bns modding tool and the manipulate tool , all i find is a blue glow outfit like the one on the game but without the color , i see also more blue items but also in normal , so what make that outfit so special that prevent the ability to find it ...
  9. Error after Modding

    Hello guys, I've tried to use the KR UI mod but now i'm getting this error that says the files were replaced (as expected i guess) instead of the originals: 00009368.upk 00010081.upk 00015590.upk 00028206.upk I just want to go back to these original files so the error will go away, but even...
  10. Hair mod request - New Oneclick Guide?

    I need help with modding (00010233.upk) into the but for Yun. Can't find it in the One-Click replacement tool. Thanks in advance :))) <3 Also is anyone interests in a new One-Click Tool Guide, I'm intending to write a new guide, with some of my own experience with the tool since the...
  11. aya

    Request Texture Divine maiden yun hair mod

    Hi! I was wondering if anyone could swap these 3 hairstyles in this video to these items: stalker hat, nightmare hair, silky hair (for yuns) OR to hair 119 (the newest straight cut hair, next to the wavy pigtail one) I would also be grateful for just one or two! (whichever is the easiest) I...
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