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  1. Help!! Korean Nude Mod

    Hello! Late to the party about appreciating nude mods, but does anyone by chance know where I could get a Korean Nude Mod where it's not just me who can see that my character is naked, but everyone else can see it too? (I'm getting tired sending my friends who play with me screenshots of my...
  2. Volmie

    Constant stutters? Try this [KR Shaders] (Currently outdated/unusable)

    CLICK THIS AND READ IT BEFORE POSTING ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT UPDATES If you were using the shaders previously, I advise removing them, as they are outdated and cause quite a few broken textures to display. LINKS REMOVED UNTIL SOMEONE PROVIDES UPDATED FILES put it in...
  3. cavok

    Voice Korean Voicepack/Font - Updated 2021-03

    Download Here: link removed Updated 2021-03 for All content up to idk i dont play the game, i just searched through 50000 files for new cues and voicelines. If the download does not work, right click the link and open in Incognito/Private Browsing. [Installation Instructions] 1. Open BNS...
  4. Sliver Luna

    Korean Voice Pack UPDATED 09.05.2017

    The UPK files for replacing the English voices in Blade & Soul NA/EU with the Korean voices, enjoy. :bnsrose: Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/pcv9zesjp9ac12e/KR+Voice+Pack.7z Reddit post with original download (in case your a bit paranoid about files from strangers)...
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