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  1. Toracooko

    Request Texture Dreamcutter edit for Jin F

    How do I convert a dds file to UPK, and how would I go about changing this old mod by Naduron to a useable upk file? File: https://www.undertow.club/attachments/jin-costume-dreamcutter-rar.48962/?temp_hash=f1363a2f3b69e8359d47bd2207fd192e Would someone be able to create it, or tell me how...
  2. Heldegas

    Custom UI color themes

    Hey lads, Just stumbled upon some neat stuff while checking the XMLs. This allows us to change the color themes BNS gives us in OPTIONS => GRAPHICS => THEME SETTINGS, which for the most part are, in my opinion, either bland or not my taste. This below was a random test to see if and how it...
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