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  1. Request Addon Remove Footstep Sound (I am willing to pay)

    I have my favorite outfit "Thunder God" from the Naryu Labyrinth but when i walking it sounded the extremely annoying metallic sound from the bracelets and belt of outfit, can you please make and mod for bnsbuddy to disable the footstep of that outfit? or mod the 00017632.upk file with that...
  2. Request Addon Disable weather effects

    Hey guys, I dont know if there's already a way, if there is i'd like to know. But if there isnt.. man i'd love to turn weather off.. the rain keeps messing up my fps :x help! :)
  3. Endless

    Disable Chat Entirely

    Hi, Endless here giving you an addon to disable chat. I haven't tested it. So i don't know if it removes the chat ingame. But I do know it disables it ;) So here you go and use responsibly :P FileName = config[bit].dat.files\\system.config2.xml Search = <option name="use-chatting-server"...
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