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  1. cupid

    Finding errors in the Event Viewer

    Your game crashed without error messages? Can't start it? You got a weird C++ message randomly? Here's how you can find some extra information about what happened. This will help us to help you, and you may even fix it yourself! Using an external tool Download...
  2. mattiaperry95

    Solved Ambiguous package name blade and soul

    like the title say. i try unattended but still dont work. it crash at the splash image (no error shows up). server EU. tryed default path and the alternate one. 1572364955 well this is strange. it do the same thing even without mods.it crashes even with the native launcher. ill try to reinstall.
  3. Crash or error after klik login button

    i have crash and cant login on few day . nothing change on my bns buddy files but crash and error after lates patch this is the screeen shot on my error. hope someone can solved the bug
  4. 64bit crashing after putting PIN code

    Hi since this morning each time i try to log using bns buddy and still using 64bit i keep getting the game closed after putting my PIN code, i tried multiple time repair files on launcher and also installed again BnS Buddy but still the same while when i change to 32bits it works
  5. BnsBuddy doesn't backup *.dat files automatically before patching Addons?

    Noticed that BnsBuddy will have a 50% chance of stalling/hanging/infinite-looping/crashing when patching addons during the decompiling/compiling process, causing config*.dat and xml*.dat files to "evaporate from existence". Other than manually backing up the config*.dat and xml*.dat files, are...
  6. BnS Buddy crashes after first launch

    I am having the following issue: On the first launch everything is working correctly. Each time after that the process is crashing the explorer and not starting. I checked for it in the Task Manager, but i couldn't find it so i downloaded ProcessExplorer. In ProcessExplorer the BnS Buddy.exe is...
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