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  1. Request Texture How to mod BnS now?

    Can I get a how-to on costume mods and that is all? I'm completely new to BnS buddy and a lot of stuff seems out of date. Would appreciate any help thats out there :)
  2. Kouyouku

    Texture Softy winter - Lyn F (+M)

    Softy winter for Lyn F (+M) >Download< VirusTotal
  3. Request: swap Hongmoon uniform to Grand Enchantment

    for Jin females. Much appreciated.
  4. bunchamin

    mod Christmas 2018

    Download VirusTotal *** All male mod must put 00062007 and 00062008 (both) to your mod folder for complete flur detail around waist. This MOD replace Hongmoon School outfit. How to use 1. Create folder name "mod" in your game CookedPC folder i.e. [install path] (NA/EU) choose one for your...
  5. [OneClick Database] TW vs NA/EU: Which server has more costume UPK files?

    Latest NA/EU Costume Database here: https://drive.google.com/uc?id=12b3GdD5SovfoNs8FJ6Kuw7DpvXFW0281&export=download Not sure whether it's worth the effort (RAM + HDD space) to use this method (https://www.bnsbuddy.com/threads/updating-one-click-tool-database.164/) to perform a full dump of the...
  6. Request Texture UPK Numbers and Bnsmodtool-Codes for Nomad and Shangri-la costumes?

    Nomad: Shangri-la
  7. Request Texture [GonM] Blue Thong Underwear Project, Problem with N-File (Newly exposed skin doesn't blend)

    Okay, so I started on a GonM Blue Thong Underwear project and got the following skin /gradient/depth problems: "Newly exposed skin" doesn't blend with the rest of skin texture. "Newly exposed skin" is at a higher depth or gradient? "Top perimeter" of Blue Thong Underwear doesn't have a higher...
  8. Texture Fulfilled [GonM] Need help to solve Pixelated Body Costume problem

    Originally, I started with this. After amending the file: 10008_GonM_col1_D.dds Using Adobe Photoshop with the Nvidia DDS plugin (Save as DXT5 ARGB 8bpp, interpolated alpha, Generate MIP maps) and UPK Manager 1.6.1 offline mode to repack all the D/M/N/S files. Problem: Recolored (Skin gets...
  9. Request Texture Help with Recolor GonM costume from Green to Metallic Blue (Pic provided)

    Here's the details of the GonM green costume Need to recolor to Metallic Blue
  10. Request Texture Remove front flap on Empress Regalia

    Hello! Can someone please remove the front flap on Empress Regalia? Id do it myself, but don't know how. Ugly clipping on GonF. Thank you. :bnsheart:
  11. Toracooko

    Request Texture Dreamcutter edit for Jin F

    How do I convert a dds file to UPK, and how would I go about changing this old mod by Naduron to a useable upk file? File: https://www.undertow.club/attachments/jin-costume-dreamcutter-rar.48962/?temp_hash=f1363a2f3b69e8359d47bd2207fd192e Would someone be able to create it, or tell me how...
  12. Request Texture Zulia Uncencored Request

    Can someone help me remove the bra for this outfit and make it topless? Thanks.
  13. XTGMods

    Request Texture Possible To Get a List of All Costumes?

    Hi, I was wondering if it is possible to get an entire list of all the outfits in the game with their respective ID codes? Does anyone have a list? Or if it is possible, how would one go about retrieving this list?
  14. So how do I go about modding an outfit?

    I want to customize a pre-existing outfit, mostly just a recolor. How would I go about doing so? o.o
  15. Texture Fulfilled Finding to LynF Costume

    I need it. please share to me Thank you.
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