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  1. Justbringit

    BD Simple mode dead after awk patch

    Hey there, i dont know why but since awakening patch bd simple mode doesnt anicancel Right anymore. since yesterday the Rotation its trying to do is f lmb lmb f lmb lmb which makes no sense at all. is it possible to mod it back again to f lmb f lmb?
  2. Crash or error after klik login button

    i have crash and cant login on few day . nothing change on my bns buddy files but crash and error after lates patch this is the screeen shot on my error. hope someone can solved the bug
  3. Punio

    Dead Body Bug

    Hi :bnskiss: My problem is that whatever is killed, the body will not disappear. Dungeon bosses or players in the arena (that moment when u can see 5 thralls and u dont know which one is real lol) or even open world mobs. Nothing terrible but when I get a lot of those bodies, It reduces the...
  4. BM BD animation problem with BNSbuddy

    BD and BM skill animations don't appear in arena if i use BNSbuddy. If i open BNS normally there is no problem. Im not using mods and effects are set to high. The opponent characters just stay in their default battle stance while they juggle me in the air. Neither gward nor any ability that has...
  5. Need to repair file after every log in using BNS Buddy

    After the latest blade and soul update, I need to repair my files every time after I played using BnS buddy around 70+mb or so. No such problem if I played using normal launcher. So maybe BNS did something that corrupt the use of third party software or something? Hope this will be fixed soon.
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