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  1. Open Bns buddy Clean memory

    After updating to latest version, the clean memory button doesn't work. Is it broken or is there a catch?
  2. BNS Buddy and russian client

    Endless, as u already know - for now bns buddy doesnt work with russian client. But as i understand - these mods like using all cores and others - are changes to client.dat (and 64bit version). So i think we (russian players) can just change some strings at this xml-file using BNS Buddy instead...
  3. Corrupted Files

    Hi, I recently decided to try BNS Buddy and it was great , working fine but suddenly everytime I launch game through BNS Buddy after some (random) time I get this error shown in the image: http://i64.tinypic.com/i35bx1.png "Package files are corrupted. Use Check Files to restore them. (None)"...
  4. Punio

    Step by step: How to use mods, addons and custom splashes

  5. Ashe23

    Buddy Splash Edited Gold

    Download : http://www.mediafire.com/file/rhv832ei25sva95/Buddy_Splash_Edited.zip
  6. Heldegas

    Custom UI color themes

    Hey lads, Just stumbled upon some neat stuff while checking the XMLs. This allows us to change the color themes BNS gives us in OPTIONS => GRAPHICS => THEME SETTINGS, which for the most part are, in my opinion, either bland or not my taste. This below was a random test to see if and how it...
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