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blade dancer

  1. Igniz

    Addon Grimreaver to G

    Hello can anyone help me fix this i tried moving grimreaver to the g key in other ways besides this one but none worked Giga Sword = 160632 grimreaver = 163100 <patches> <patch file="skill3_contextscriptdata_swordmaster_contextsimplemode_g3.xml"> <!-- Move Grimreaver to G -->...
  2. RoZZa4EveR

    Addon BD simple mode rework OUTDATED

    This changes bd's simple mode to do the Flicker -> Lightning Flash combo in lightning/wind build (also moved from rmb to lmb), restrain skill moved to lmb in lightning, and in both wind and lightning rolling typhoon and thundering typhoon moved to rmb+lmb whenever it's avaliable. X and V is...
  3. Request Texture Changing Destroyer Sheathe to Blade Master/Blade Dancer's

    can anyone provide me how to change the way destros sheathe/put back their weapons the way BM/BD's have theirs? im currently swapping axe files into greatswords.
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