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    Texture NSFW Special Nude/Erotic Mods (Tested on NA only)

    is it possible to increase the size/tall of JinM characters, i mean big as bosses not big as Gon race
  2. War

    JP Voice 2-20-2019

    @joen98 it change only monsters voices, Bosses voices, Npc's, System voice(the one that usually in english ,the thing in background who shout for you "you can't do that right now", the computer female system voice xd), i believe characters voices are possibly changeable but you might need to...
  3. War

    [Asking] What is this mod for ?

    i would recommend you to test yourself for both mods but from what i see i believe both mods are obvious , 1st is for auto targeting cooldown and the 2nd one is when u turn off your game and how long it needs to fade away from the white screen, i recommend you to skip these 2 mods because both...
  4. War

    Thinking to return to game but need some help

    Hello everyone, I'm thinking to return to the game but my current pc have loading screen for like 2minutes everytime i relog or i enter a dungeon(basically everywhere there is a loading screen) is there something can help me with that with addons ? my pc details: System...
  5. War

    XIGNCODE3 dosent work anymore

    Feelsbadman :bnsfoam:
  6. War

    Fps is really low in 64 bit

    we're currently using UE3 (unreal engine 3) and its only uses 1 core from your processor only, UE4 ( unreal engine 4) does use all the cores and its much more compatible and optimized
  7. War

    XIGNCODE3 dosent work anymore

    pybass not working Q_Q
  8. War

    Request Texture Looking for modding guide

    updated guide would be a nice to see, lets hope someone could do that:bnswink:
  9. War

    [Rate Preset]

    u cannot get it anymore, you can mod it but only you can see it, i suggest you to choose from the currently available in-game after today's update.
  10. War

    Fps is really low in 64 bit

    unreal engine 4 is coming, i believe ur problem will be solved once we receive it in eu/na
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    Request Texture Cross Race hair swap

    i can see so many edits, when ncsoft/ncwest can see it as well so the might think of doing something for players ?:bnscry:
  13. War

    The Simplest and Dumbest Stuttering Fix

    ty for the video :bnsthumbsup:, its also disappointing how ncwest cant figure this out before some c++ programmer player figure it:bnstired:, hope we can get more fixes similar to this one, for example the big dream of fighting hivequeen with stable 120fps :bnscry:
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    Tailor shop mods

    wow that's actually nice
  15. War

    Classic Skill Effects

    isn't is similar to quality when u turn the game on low end pc?
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