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  1. Addon Kungfu Master [KFM NORMAL / SIMP MODE CHANGES]

    it's possible make 4 hit combo like 7 hit combo i mean titan or twisted appear in the same button 1 2 3 titans, z x c twisted but with a 4 hit combo if some know how tell me or make it ty
  2. GonF, JinF, Yun - Saberfang - updated

    game automatically close when you try use the outfit
  3. Yun walk animation

    download and put it on mod folder BNS\contents\Local\NCWEST\ENGLISH\CookedPC\mod if you dont have a mod folder make one
  4. Other d912pxy from GW2, now supports BnS!

    I think direc12 is exclusive to w10
  5. Other d912pxy from GW2, now supports BnS!

    i cant find what download to do the procces
  6. Yun walk animation

    Hello I want the upk of the animation of walking of the yun in kr this animation thanks sorry for my english.
  7. Constant stutters? Try this [KR Shaders] (Currently outdated/unusable)

    hello i need apply these files on bnsbuddy or just put it on the folder mod work fine?
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