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  1. kamilwtrawie

    Texture A request! Please :(

    Hi, I can't get my one click tool to work, so would anyone be kind enough to replace KunN_033 hair to KunN_003? (Jinsoyun's hair)? And if someone had a little extra time, 60050_KunN (The Kaari costume) to Dark Emissary? (Yun) Please, help a pal out :-(
  2. Request Texture JinF & Yun Blackram General to Bloodlust

    Can anyone do this for me? I'm too low geared for hardmode BC but I really like the outfit. Thanks in advance, it's much appreciated!
  3. Yun walk animation

    Hello I want the upk of the animation of walking of the yun in kr this animation thanks sorry for my english.
  4. aya

    Request Texture Divine maiden yun hair mod

    Hi! I was wondering if anyone could swap these 3 hairstyles in this video to these items: stalker hat, nightmare hair, silky hair (for yuns) OR to hair 119 (the newest straight cut hair, next to the wavy pigtail one) I would also be grateful for just one or two! (whichever is the easiest) I...
  5. Hime

    JinF_048 to Yun Wreath

    Hello again! With another little mod. It replaces JinF_048 hair with Yun's Wreath. Has a little bald spot on top of the head, so keep that out of your screenshots ;> PREVIEW DOWNLOAD VIRUSTOTAL
  6. Kouyouku

    Tailor shop mods

    Replacing the original textures to be painted. I do not know the names of all the costumes. (I would be grateful if someone would tell me their names.) Be guided by this scheme. LynF JinF Kun / Yun GonF I will update this topic when I make new mods.
  7. Kaei

    Hair UPK Request

    Hi, Does anyone know the upk for this hair? Specifically for the Yun/Kun race? Much obliged for any help. Thanks :D
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