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voice pack

  1. CN Voice Pack 6-5-2018 (中文语音包)

    Currently updated to the latest dungeon/TT raid/Story release on the 20th It shouldn't need to be updated on the 20th because we already have the next parts of the story there and such. This is from the CN client and the voices are in Mandarin, I will be uploading the TW voice pack when I get...
  2. Sliver Luna

    Korean Voice Pack UPDATED 09.05.2017

    The UPK files for replacing the English voices in Blade & Soul NA/EU with the Korean voices, enjoy. :bnsrose: Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/pcv9zesjp9ac12e/KR+Voice+Pack.7z Reddit post with original download (in case your a bit paranoid about files from strangers)...
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