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  1. skylifex

    Solved Multi client bug instance task not killing

    when i close certain instance of game it remain their and when i try to kill that instance from bns buddy the button show invisible and when i try open it not open by saying that instance is already open what is this recent update plz give me previous bns buddy version file 1604140006 this...
  2. Solved BnS Buddy errors (ver.

    1. After Wedesday usual KR server patch, silmilar errors on version 2. New Update is not working. I guess, BnS Buddy update server is shutdown?
  3. Updater closes after starting Update

    Hey my Updater wont download the files after i startet it. I hab the Issue with Defender so i whitelisted the whole Files. Now the Updater closes right after i startet the download.
  4. GunerX

    News Warden’s Fury: Items and Systems Preview

    The next major Blade & Soul update brings a number of impactful changes to core items and systems. The Blade & Soul: Warden’s Fury update arrives soon, and with it several impactful itemization and systems changes are being made. Check out the highlights below and stay tuned for the full patch...
  5. GunerX

    Event News New Favorite Fantasy Outfit Chest & More Available August 15

    Hot new costumes and more are coming to the Hongmoon Store! We’ve got some HOT items here for the summer! If you’re looking for new costumes, gems, swimsuits, or raid bundles, then lotion up and head to the Hongmoon Store for steamy items you won’t find anywhere else. These new items are...
  6. Need to repair file after every log in using BNS Buddy

    After the latest blade and soul update, I need to repair my files every time after I played using BnS buddy around 70+mb or so. No such problem if I played using normal launcher. So maybe BNS did something that corrupt the use of third party software or something? Hope this will be fixed soon.
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