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  1. cupid

    Mod Installer for BnSBuddy

    Sometimes, you have to install a mod, and it comes in folders, subfolder, sub-subfolders .... Sometimes, you only have the .upk/.umap file, and want to make a mod for it. This tool does it for you! Instructions and requirements: You MUST have 7-Zip or Winrar for it to work with .zip, .7z or...
  2. A different mod tool

    I'm looking for a different version of the one click mod tool I used in the past. Unfortunately I've deleted it from my computer a few months ago and I can&#39;t seem to find it in the internet.<br/> Is there any tool that created by Jonathan? The mod was pure upk files which means it didn't...
  3. GunerX


    What is ExitLag? ExitLag is similar to WTFast/BattlePing/PingZapper/NoPing etc etc. They use server routing or proxy servers to try to improve your ping to the game servers. How do I know it works? Well I've already tested it and below are my findings. Neat! How do I get it? Click here...
  4. GunerX

    Simple SSP Timer Tool

    Made this a long time ago (back when SSP was more relevant) and even though most people don't even bother doing SSP anymore, some still do. So here you go, hope it helps you guys out. http://bladeandsoultools.mygamesonline.org/Blade%20and%20Soul%20-%20SSP%20Timer.html
  5. GunerX

    Blade and Soul One Click Tool

    A General Guide to the Blade and Soul One click Replacement Tool Download the Tool Here | This download is ment for the average user and is confirmed to be 100% functional. This archive was made using 7zip, please use 7zip to extract it. Download the Tool Here | Normal Zip | Use this if you get...
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