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texture mod

  1. Zommie

    How to UE4 Introduction to Texture Modding for BnS UE4 * Updated 12/7/2022*

    THE INFORMATION OF THIS TUTORIAL IN THESE FORUMS IS SLIGHTLY OUTDATED. I did a revision to the tutorial in December of 2022. Instead of amending this page, I'll link you to all my tutorials that teach how to do cosmetic mods for BnS. If you are new to BnS modding or even if you were looking to...
  2. Inevertias

    Texture NSFW UE4 Better Summer Love - GonF

    Removed some things and added some textures, file is big because I upscaled the skin and outfit textures but the tattoo still looks a bit wonky, can't be bothered to work on it now, so take it as is.
  3. Zommie

    Other UE4 Zomboy Mods (Mostly Male Lyn) Latest Update: 12/7/2022 UAssetGUI Tutorial for Outfit, Hair, and Animation Modding

    If you can’t make it past the banner, then you’re probably in the wrong place. I only play male Lyn, hence the name of the thread. Most mods will be for them. Sometimes the mods can be unisex for Lyns due to how assets are shared for this race. I’ve been doing casual texture modding for some...
  4. Reacht

    Texture [Borderless Clean UI]

    Im Looking for That UI. *w* 1630286843 i find here link https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/355837257762078721/854008257935704144/Pro_UI_v0.3.zip
  5. Medicine

    Texture ☆ Medicine's mod collection & request station ☆

    Hey guys! I have a lot of free time on my hands right now, and I decided to return to B&S (gone for 3+ years haha). I taught myself how to mod again, and I figured, why not share my mods! I'll mostly be sharing mods I made for myself, both texture edits and outfit/accessory/weapon swaps. I'll...
  6. MusitaX

    Request Texture Soulburn Costume

    Greetings, i was wondering if there would be any possibility to mod the soulburn costume (which tools i'd be needing, maybe somebody has the knowledge to guide me or w.e..) and take off certain details? Such as the Blueish rope around the waist and... other textures like in this picture: ...
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