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  1. Ashe23

    Texture UE4 Ice Breaker to Ice Crystal Illusion Weapon Swap Mod

    Ice Breaker Illusion Weapons modded to Ice Crystal for every classes except for : Ice Breaker Illusion Harp and Twin Swords modded to Ice Fractal Illusion It will break Joybringer Illusion Weapon but who have that anyway >.>
  2. XTGMods

    Animation UE4 Cross-race Emote Mods

    Here is where I'll upload the emote swaps for all the races, starting off with GonF emotes for JinF. Compatible with the facial animations fix, also replaces tailor animations.
  3. Request Texture Hair swap pls. I'm too dumb.

    Is there any kind soul that would do a hair swap for a lil retarded loli? I would like Moontide Hair or Silver Saberfang Hairband (whichever is easier I guess?) to be made into Alice Ribbon. Lyn F. No idea bout upk names. I got nothing to offer for it, other than my gratitude. :bnsshy: Yes, I...
  4. Medicine

    Texture ☆ Medicine's mod collection & request station ☆

    Hey guys! I have a lot of free time on my hands right now, and I decided to return to B&S (gone for 3+ years haha). I taught myself how to mod again, and I figured, why not share my mods! I'll mostly be sharing mods I made for myself, both texture edits and outfit/accessory/weapon swaps. I'll...
  5. Request: swap Hongmoon uniform to Grand Enchantment

    for Jin females. Much appreciated.
  6. Hime

    JinF_048 to Yun Wreath

    Hello again! With another little mod. It replaces JinF_048 hair with Yun's Wreath. Has a little bald spot on top of the head, so keep that out of your screenshots ;> PREVIEW DOWNLOAD VIRUSTOTAL
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