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  1. Gunner *REQUEST* Shadow Gunner, Undertaker during lightspeed in simplemode

    Well, as title say, if anyone could make an shadow gunner addon where undertaker(4) is used in simplemode, but only during lightspeed, with priority over awk bs/bs, would be very nice :bnsshy:
  2. Addon Is there a addon to remove respawn loading screen like in 6v6?

    Hi, I'm looking for a .patch xml addon that will remove the loading screen when I press 4 when I am near death or dead. Can someone direct me to one or make one for me please?

    Hi everyone, :bnswave: Is there any addon that can remove from Simple mode, also in Normal mode, the Purple Salvo (from Dimensional Salvo chain)?? It would be effective so as to charge more spectral orbs that allows you to deal more Dragon Helix. Also, that addon will skip the low animation...
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