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  1. Fate

    Open do mods still work on ue4?

    that's a bit shameless but... I tried to install nude mod but that didn't work for me. I don't know if I should give trying or not
  2. Đặng Nhật Tín

    Addons autopacth

    I know bnsbuddy have two way to istall addons is patch with bnsbuddy and manual change with dat editor , so things i want to ask is this is any other way to auto patch addons "ONLY" not other things like bnsbuddy laucher tweak server fps etc... like dat editor have separated with bnsbuddy...
  3. Disable Class Animation Extras Option

    I'm not sure if i missed a thread somewhere or if I'm using bnsbuddy wrong, but whenever I disable gunner and warlock animations it doesnt work. All other classes work fine and get disabled correctly, but I can always see those 2 even when disabled. Any thoughts?
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