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  1. kamilwtrawie

    Open Cant get the tool to work :(

    So I've downloaded the tool today and I did everything as said in the guide but the tool doesnt seem to work.....There aren't any errors and it works smoothly, but when I click replace left to right nothing happens, I've checked the "mod" folder in CookedPC and it's empty :( Any ideas on how to...
  2. Request Texture [GonM] Blue Thong Underwear Project, Problem with N-File (Newly exposed skin doesn't blend)

    Okay, so I started on a GonM Blue Thong Underwear project and got the following skin /gradient/depth problems: "Newly exposed skin" doesn't blend with the rest of skin texture. "Newly exposed skin" is at a higher depth or gradient? "Top perimeter" of Blue Thong Underwear doesn't have a higher...
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