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  1. rounlet

    Request Texture Kun to JinSoyun.

    Before I started, I looked for a way in How-to on the forum to try modding myself, but many of the guides such as OneClick Tool have stopped updating, and most of them are difficult to use as the game has been upgraded to UE4. The best is to learn modding and contribute to the site, but this...
  2. Texture Help with Young Soyun outfit for LynF

    Hi there! I wanted to make my female Lyn wear the outfit of the young Jinsoyun, the one she has when you "first" meet her. However, though the One Click Tool worked, the problem with this costume is... it doesn't have legs! ^^' So I tried to swap some random accessory with what I guess are...
  3. kamilwtrawie

    Texture A request! Please :(

    Hi, I can't get my one click tool to work, so would anyone be kind enough to replace KunN_033 hair to KunN_003? (Jinsoyun's hair)? And if someone had a little extra time, 60050_KunN (The Kaari costume) to Dark Emissary? (Yun) Please, help a pal out :-(
  4. Request Texture Remove/change Dark Emissary Wings

    Currently, this adornment causes fps issues. I would love it if someone can mod this into something else, a very common adornment like Deva Aura or something. Thank you. :)
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