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japanese voice pack

  1. Voice UE4 JP Voice Pack - UE4 (English locale only)

    Only works with ENGLISH localization Extract into NCSOFT\BnS_UE4\BNSR\Content\Paks\mods preferably also make a folder and put files into folder to avoid other mod collision (crashing, etc) Make sure to download both links (from either MEGA or G-Drive) Mega links: File #1 File #2 G-Drive links...
  2. GunerX

    Voice JP Voice - Batch File for making your own JP Voice Pack

    It is becoming increasingly difficult for me to keep up with the voice packs since my laptop which I use for it is slowly dying, plus real life getting in the way. So I have made a batch file for anyone out there that wants to make their own JP Voice pack quickly and easily. (this should be...
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