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  1. Other Kungfu Master Fire KFM - Gachi skills (preview version)

    Replace some skills icons to gachi Install: you should put follow upk into *game_path*\BladeAndSoul\contents\bns\CookedPC\ with replace or use bns buddy Google Drive:
  2. Texture Font Remove name of skills on icon

    Hi there, I was wondering if there is a way to remove the names below the skills in the UI? As you can see below they clutter and I would like to remove the names completely.
  3. Request Font Increase size of shop/dragon express icon fonts

    Here is a request for something that is bugging the hell out of me and I can spend more time looking at the fkn thing lol THe font size for the things soldl in dragon express ( as an exmaple) are red and ludicrously small (probably like font size 6) I am kind of assuming rather than font size...
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