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help please

  1. need help. anyone have link to NA local64?

    Hi guys. im trying to translate Bns Tw. Anyone got links to NA local64.dat? it take a really long time to download the entire NA game :'(
  2. Eco-Oneesama

    Solved Weird system message when I try to use DPS meter

    I get this massage when I try to open the game, but only when I have selected the dps meter addon, I know it is a very old addon and that maybe why. I have tryed to go in on the NCsoft launcher and scan the files and repair, but that did not work.
  3. Request Addon Equipment management

    That you know, does it exist or would it be possible to create an addon to manage the equipment? To quickly switch from pvp to pve equipment without having to do everything manually? Or to remove and replace accessories during pve farming? Thanks in advance for your answers!
  4. Request Texture Gon Female to Lyn Female

    Can someone give me the Download link ? PLS i search now for days.. and explain me how to start it? Sry for my bad eng..
  5. pop13325

    Solved I can't make the program find my game folder.

    I supposed to find some folder that call BnS right? But when locate it to bns(in the picture 6) I got an error. This is all my folder in BnS install location. By the way this BnS from Garena.
  6. Request Texture A request to remove small SFX's or w/e they're called

    I would love to know, if its hard, or if it's possible for someone to make an addon that removes: Soul burns black wing or maybe re-substitute the entire ''outfit'' And remove the SFX's from Blade frenzy <3 someone said to lower my SFX, i kinda wanted it completely removed from 'Blade frenzy'...
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