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  1. Addon Fire kfm Meme rebinder addon

    Description = Searing dragon moved to LMB/R, Smolder to V, For best results, use V4R or VR macro with low delay. Disable quick kick, or this will not work. Why is this good? Because it prevents you from forcefully recasting searing palm before your bracelet effect falls off, resulting in a...
  2. Addon Blade Master Fire BM skill priority fix

    Can someone please invert the order of Sundering Sword and Lunar Slash in both Base and Enhanced Flicker combos. [Edit 15/08/2019] Nobody wanted to help me, so I did it myself. Also did a bonus and include Lunar Slash before Blade Storm (because my badge reset it) and before Whiling Sword too...
  3. Exora

    Addon Kungfu Master [KFM NORMAL / SIMP MODE CHANGES]

    [WIND] [NORMAL MODE] OLD KEYBINDS [LMB] >>>> [RMB] >>> [2] > -FIXED : guiding fist appearing on 2 after Empyrean Shadows patch- -FIXED issue where tripple kick was perma covering RMB skillslot- -FIXED issue with rising kick / falling star priority- -FIXED issue where i forgot to move another...
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