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  1. HoloWiseWolf

    Other [TOOL][JAVA] Character Effect Remover v1.0.8 [Update:04/10/2020]

    CHARACTER EFFECT REMOVER (Yes, it's a glorified copy paste app) CURRENT VERSION v1.0.8 Just so everyone is aware. Aside from being quite busy and not having a lot of time I also am slowly moving away from BnS in favour of FFXIV, I will do my best to keep that tool alive...
  2. nivek2

    Request Texture VT badge effect All Class

    Does anyone know how to disable the Baged effect of VT, for all classes? if you do not understand me it's the same effect that comes out when we activate the VT Baged when we attack
  3. Request Texture Modding Windwalking FX (willing to pay)

    Hello Guys, I have been wondering if someone is able to mod the Windwalking Premium FX? they bother me so I would like to turn it off, and i wanna keep my Premium Account. Using other classes windwalking fx would be nice too... I would be willing to donate to the person that might wants to...
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