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    Open In game Language to Chinese

    Good day, I am playing EU BNS, And i would like to find out if there any mod or language pack to change From English to Chinese? (not the voice, it is the display language. Thank you
  2. HELP emotes for BNS TW

    hi guys. I cant seem to use ----> /honor. does anyone have Chinese for that command please?
  3. CN Text for NA Client (中文补丁+小地图) Updated: 2018-12-27

    Updated: 2018-12-27 更新在这里 _____________________________________________________________ 下面版下载 How to install: Navigate to "C:\Program Files (x86)\NCSOFT\", then just drop the BnS folder that's in the patch in the NCSOFT folder. Can't use BnS Buddy mod manager because old UPK files untouched...
  4. Request Addon [Request] Enable China Pinyin Input Method for typing Traditional Char text into chatbox?

    Since the ^v::SendRaw %clipboard% method actually triggered Xigncode (in NA/EU) and Nprotect Gameguard (in Taiwan) to auto shut-down the Client.exe with a cheat/hack detected warning. Anyone knows which BnS directory files to modify, so that the Pinyin Input Method for typing Traditional...
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