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  1. Request Splash All official B&S splashes

    Hi I am loking for a collection of all the official Blade & Soul splashes in BMP that were released since 2016 when it released for EU/NA client. Thanks!
  2. Request Texture Changing Destroyer Sheathe to Blade Master/Blade Dancer's

    can anyone provide me how to change the way destros sheathe/put back their weapons the way BM/BD's have theirs? im currently swapping axe files into greatswords.
  3. Avalanche

    Prinz Eugen Splash

    Why no Azur Lane splashes here? :bnscool: It may be showing incorrect in bns buddy, but how you can see in preview, all fine.
  4. GunerX

    Splash NSFW My Splashes (incase anyone actually wanted them)

    Just putting these here incase anyone wanted them, doubt anyone would tho. Preview of two of them (too lazy to make previews for all of them)
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