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blade & soul

  1. JarvisBotsford

    Solved Having Trouble While Playing The Game

    Good morning friends, I recently installed this game 'Blade & Soul' on Windows 10 computer. But after a few minutes of the gameplay, I received this error message "Event ID 1000 Error." I tried to solve out the issue, but not getting any useful solution, so I shared it here. Does anyone have any...
  2. Blade & Soul - Best possible B&S Items?

    Hi, I've been playing Blade & Soul since 2 months now (I know am a rookie, thx xD) and I've been meaning to focus my grind to get the best possible Blade & Soul Items at the end of the day. Am a new player so, am not even sure whether the grind is worth it, but if it is then let me know where...
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