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  1. Kant

    Unsolveable Help with archer wind skill animation

    Hi guys, I use archer wind, when using hide animation, the twind storm skill # 3 (storm bold 2 instant cast), the circles where I must stand to launch the skkill disappear when i am moving, it is almost impossible to locate the circles if I do not see them, someone knows what is called the skill...
  2. Addon Archer Windpiercer

    Hi guys, help transfer F to RMB. I will be very grateful.
  3. Hime

    Texture [MOD] Archer Hair for JinF_048

    Finally >-< After many tries, I can finally give you archer hair for JinF, replaces JinF_048 ♥ Enjoy! *w* PREVIEW: DOWNLOAD: VIRUSTOTAL
  4. Other Archer skill effects upk

    Has anyone found the upk for archer skill effects? (not animation, just the flashy effects)
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