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3rd spec

  1. PvE 4, lmb X 3 to rmb.

    Could it be possible to make an addon that moves 4, X, 3 and LMB to RMB on 3rd spec sin? would appreciate a lot
  2. Addon Kungfu Master KFM Wolf Return (Exit Wolf) from V to G

    As the title indicates, this moves the ability "Return", which lets you end Wolf form prematurely, from V to G (1st ulti button). Enjoy.
  3. HaeMujin

    Addon Forcemaster Lightning FM - A few addons

    Hi there. I won't be making new addons :bnspeace3: --- Still learning how to mod the new .xml... Some of the addons are in the old format (.patch) and could conflict with other addons you already have. Simple Mode 01: Autocast Electrocute (Z) 02: Swaps Force Blast (3) with Magnetize (4)
  4. HaeMujin

    Addon Blade Master Spectral BM - A few addons

    Hi there. I won't be making new addons :bnspeace3: --- Below are some addons for the spectral spec. Some are for testing, some are requests, etc. Normal Mode 01: Swordfall (F) on LMB 05: Swaps Starstrike (Tab) with Rally (Z) 07: War Cry on Tab 09: Swaps Tab and V skills 11: Removes the 4th...
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