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3rd spec

  1. Addon Kungfu Master KFM Wolf Return (Exit Wolf) from V to G

    As the title indicates, this moves the ability "Return", which lets you end Wolf form prematurely, from V to G (1st ulti button). Enjoy.
  2. HaeMujin

    Addon Forcemaster Lightning FM - A few addons

    Still learning how to mod the new .xml... Some of the addons are in the old format (.patch) and could conflict with other addons you already have. Simple Mode 01: Autocast Electrocute (Z) 02: Swaps Force Blast (3) with Magnetize (4)
  3. HaeMujin

    Addon Blade Master Spectral BM - A few addons

    Below are some addons for the spectral spec. Some are for testing, some are requests, etc. Normal Mode 01: Swordfall (F) on LMB 05: Swaps Starstrike (Tab) with Rally (Z) 07: War Cry on Tab 09: Swaps Tab and V skills 11: Removes the 4th hit of Falling Stars/Awakened Falling Stars 13: Swordfall...
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