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    Addon Archer Windpiercer

  2. Fideles

    Addon Destroyer OUTDATED - Shadow Destroyer Simple Mode Fury/SB Rotation Fix v5 + Long Division removal from Simple Mode

    https://www.bnsbuddy.com/threads/des-mighty-cleave-galeforce-and-awakened-mighty-cleave-awakened-galeforce-bound-to-rmb-fix.604/ made by MasterHawk was update when awakening patch get live. I using since then and its good, just know this its for normal mode.
  3. Fideles

    Addon Warden WAR Normal mode changes [UPDATED]

    Do a file repair, when u going to apply addon, use 1st WAR ICE DPS rotation on RMB I Sword Salvo to LMB.patch only, and after thet u apply WAR ICE Divine strike unpress key status removal.patch U can't apply both together.
  4. Fideles

    Addon Ice FM Simple Mod (Request) [ABONDENED, NEED HELP]

    Exora already made some really good addons for ICE FM, i recommended https://www.bnsbuddy.com/threads/fm-ice-normal-simp-mode-changes.1059/
  5. Fideles

    Addon Blade Master Spectral BM - A few addons

    Great work! amazing! I using here for simple mode and its good. i need ask, its viable and possible move/change Blade Storm (LMB) to RMB in normal mode (just adjust priority like simple mode), i was trying make like Warden normal mode from Exora but pririty get wrong and blade storm still over...
  6. Fideles

    Addon Kungfu Master [KFM NORMAL / SIMP MODE CHANGES]

    Macro for titan u need choose, i make for me only 2, 1 give 16hits and boss attack power 2 stacks (X, 450ms, X 450ms, C 450ms, C 450ms, Z 450ms, Z 550ms, V) dont look for this ms value, my ping its really crap, so u just need ajust for u ping. I using this on corsair ICUE and work really good
  7. Fideles

    Addon Warden WAR Normal mode changes [UPDATED]

    will happen too if u apply WAR ICE Divine strike unpress key status removal at same time, apply 1st WAR ICE DPS rotation on RMB I Sword Salvo to LMB and unpress divine strike mod after.
  8. Fideles

    Blade Master : Simple Mode FIX (Lighting)

    skills from others specializations dont have same ID number, so lightning (singing blade) dont have same ID for fire (Spirit sword) and addon only change lightning skills for fire someone already did addon. PS: u can use 2 addons if it for another specs. like i using warden addon for ice and...
  9. Fideles

    Blade Master : Simple Mode FIX (Lighting)

    tested, and its really good. Thx!:bnspassion::bnsthumbsup: U optimized simple mode and remade this the way was supose to be, better work than NCWest. hpoe someday we can do this for most of classes.
  10. Fideles

    WL SIMP Wingstorm on 4 [ABANDONED]

    real problem its simple mode for warlock got cucked by NCsoft/NCWest after awakened patch, u can't use new skills when using quell, only SB show up with quel using, u lost skill slot 3 (graveyard, banshee scream-daze pvp skills) and slot 4 vampiric drain (can be set to pvp version too). Best...
  11. Fideles

    Addon Warden WAR Normal mode changes [UPDATED]

    so i can't use Blade Barrage with this addon for Guardian Spec, divine strike keep showing in RMB on normal stance all time.
  12. Fideles

    Addon WL Dark Simple Mode remove V and F

    dont use simple mode on WL, iits bugged (hope ncwest fix this ) if u use simple mode new skills when u using quell will dont showup on 4, X and V, (like vampiric drain, scream pvp skill, and others 2) only sb on tab will show up
  13. Fideles

    Need help with WL simple mode SB rotation

    and simple mode after awakened patch its bugged on warlock, u can't use new skills when using quell (only soulburn show up), vampiric drain dont show on V when using quell in simple mode, so Graveyard too.
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