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  1. Texture Change Color Series

    Hi again @linchong1310 thx i manage to make it work for the white one , so i just needed to copy the files into the bns cooked pc folder, sorry for asking this im very very noob at moding but since u using the Hongmoon uniform model , will it be possible to change it for the "Traitor" and...
  2. Updating One Click Tool database

    Can any1 help me im stuck at #6 im getting this fatal error , i have been folowwing it step by step and 1 to 5 was not error on the "run bats" untill i hit #6 ,so im kinda stuck on #6 :bnscry:
  3. Texture JinF-Back to school

    @t9g54E3T how u manage to make it work? seems it doesnt work for me :D
  4. Texture Change Color Series

    HI @linchong1310 thx for sharing your mods :bnspeace3: , but i try both of the mods the first one ( the white one ) i cant manage to make it work :bnsshy: i have installed it but after login in the hongmon uniform is still the same , i didnt have problem with the other one (black /red one )...
  5. Texture NSFW Special Nude/Erotic Mods (Tested on NA only)

    @darkhell666 ur commisions are only for real money? or can i pay in game currency (gold)? i also looking for the deadly ecstasy for the other races or the different color options for the gon one :bnsshy:
  6. Texture Seri mod : Honkai-BNS - Flame sakitama

    Sorry but u sell this mods or just showing pics of some mods u have? Is it for In-game currency (gold) or IRL money (USD)??
  7. Addon Forcemaster Make a FireFM playable :)

    HI :bnswave:i use the @Ignaxio custom XMLFM , will the patch from @ThewarII work on it to if i patch it with his custom XML @milktea? or i need to repair files and then patch it with it? i use ignaxio xml since its very helpfull with the tab and other skills on fire and ice . Thx guys for...
  8. Act 9 Namsoyoo Hair

    Sorry but what outfit does the UPK replace hongmoon uniform? @Kaei i tried the hair models, works perfectly and thx for sharing it :bnspeace3::bnspeace3:
  9. Addon Forcemaster FM normal / simp mode changes

    Hi :bnslaugh:/ was just wondering if the addon still have the problem of just casting 1 frost tornado after the caster use TAB :D?
  10. Addon Forcemaster FM normal / simp mode changes

    TY! i have to do a file repair and install the one u told and it works really nice (i'm really thankful) , but i must ask: using Ice Shield (Tab) and the pressing Frost tornado (LMB) the addon only manage to cast 1 Frost Tornado , while with out Using TAB u can cast 3 Frost Tornado. Using Tab...
  11. Addon Forcemaster FM normal / simp mode changes

    HI , do i need to install both patches of simple mode? FM SIMP ICE and FM SIMP ICE Superior stance PVE I PVP? in order to use fm ice on simple mode? or i just need the second one? sorry got confuse
  12. Blade Master : Simple Mode FIX (Lighting)

    :bnswave:is the addon still having problems?
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