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  1. BnS Buddy crashes after first launch

    Ed, if you're reading this - the next time you lock him up don't feed him too... You're spoiling him... Just to close the tread. The issue was indeed a Windows related one. If anyone has the same issue I did the following: - Re-installed .NetFramework and Visual Runtimes - Open Start/Run...
  2. BnS Buddy crashes after first launch

    -facepalm- Please tell me that you know the Inspectror/Console and the toggle device function... If people these days started developing without that I'll resign from the development.... :D
  3. BnS Buddy crashes after first launch

    My bad... It is windows issue... Anything I try to open with administrator rights crashes the explorer... Thank you very much for the help and for the tool :bnspeace3: P. S.: He didn't locked you up long enough - the mobile menu sucks :bnslaugh:
  4. BnS Buddy crashes after first launch

    I am having the following issue: On the first launch everything is working correctly. Each time after that the process is crashing the explorer and not starting. I checked for it in the Task Manager, but i couldn't find it so i downloaded ProcessExplorer. In ProcessExplorer the BnS Buddy.exe is...
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