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Other UE4 Zomboy Mods (Mostly Male Lyn) Latest Update: 08/19/22 Mesh/Outfit Combination Tutorial for UE4



If you can’t make it past the banner, then you’re probably in the wrong place.

I only play male Lyn, hence the name of the thread. Most mods will be for them. Sometimes the mods can be unisex for Lyns due to how assets are shared for this race. I’ve been doing casual texture modding for some years and it’s what I know most about. However, I am looking to expand my modding knowledge and the thread also aims to contain other types of mods.

All my mods for BnS will hosted on this forum and on my Drive. I will do my best to keep the thread updated but the Drive with all mods will get updated first before anything else and new mod release downloads are also posted right away on my Twitter and Baraag.

Direct Link to the Drive: Zomboy BnS Mods

  • I AM MOSTLY UNABLE TO TAKE REQUESTS, EVEN IF PAID. Friends and people I actually talk to are an exception, if you do see me take on a request. This is due to personal time constraints, lack of skill (ex: if complex textures edits or advanced hex edits), and the fact I work EXTREMELY slow and lose focus very easily, constantly going into art block. In order to avoid disappointment and people getting impatient and badgering me, I tend to work only on personal projects or things that interest me.

  • All my mods are only for the Unreal Engine 4 version of the game and tested to work in the NA/EU regions. They may not be compatible with other regions and I don’t have access to other regions' clients and their files.

  • All mods include a ReadMe file with instructions. I suggest reading it unless you know what you're doing, specially if there are multiple files.

  • Modding this game is finicky and things can just break with updates. I can’t guarantee things will always continue to function as they should, so it is risky for me to take requests. If you spot a broken mod, you can let me know and I can try to fix it. From my experience, outfit swaps may break after updates. I’ll try to keep them updated.

  • If a mod is not available here, then it means I am not releasing it because it’s for my characters only. Please do not ask for it.

Newest Mod
08/20/2022 - Jin and Gon Male Choker Sets. Gon Male Layerable Fishnet. Both on my Drive storage. Dunno when I will put them in the thread.
08/19/2022 - Tutorial for Mesh/Outfit Combination finished

On Break for the remainder of the year from BnS Modding

*New!* Mesh and Accessory Combination - Unisex
Mesh combo is back for UE4! Now we can create completely unique outfits by mixing and matching meshes.
If a mod is not unisex, I will make sure to point it out but the beauty of Lyns is that the body mesh is shared between male and female, so almost if not all should be unisex.


Essential Chokers Accessory Sets


Unisex Lyn Mods

Lyn Falsies Eyelashes Pack

The eyelashes have been extended to the maximum length that the game allows. Some I recreated to stand out more overall.


LynF Compatible Texture Edit for Hongmoon Ascension

Although the outfit swap is LynM only, the texture will work for LynF players and is included as a separate mod.


LynF Compatible Texture Edits for Both Eclipse Dresses

Male Lyn - Animations

This mod is only available for Warden. Due to how niche this type of mod is and the amount of files and work it takes to do, I decided to discontinued working on the other classes due to lack of motivation. Sorry about that!
However, I decided that if another player REALLY needs this mod for their class, I may be able to work on their individual class. So, contact me regarding that. With new knowledge I gained, it may be now possible to swap it for all classes but this is untested yet.

For some reason, some animations are inside a local NCWest folder within the pak files, so this mod may unfortunately not work in any other region besides NA/EU.

Yun Animations Swaps for WD

Sample Video

Compatibility for possible requests

  • AS - May Not Be Possible
  • AST - May Not Be Possible
  • BD - Compatible
  • FM - Compatible
  • GUN - Compatible
  • SUM - May not be possible
  • WL - Compatible



Male Lyn - Hair
Male Lyn - Textures

Thicker Brows 4

It replaces the fourth brow option for male Lyn with thicker and shorter brows.


Hongmoon Ascension Outfit Swaps + Texture


Eclipse Dresses Outfit Swaps + Textures

Male Lyn - Outfit Swaps


Rhapsody Outfit Swaps


Better Undies Outfit Swap

It replaces the ugly default baggy shorts we got for NA/EU when your character isn't wearing anything and also works in character creation. Extremely useful to customize characters' lower area sliders since you can actually see the upper legs now.


Azure Dragon Variant Complete Set Swap


When one of you finally shows me how to import models back into the game.

Other Races
Other Mods (UI, etc)
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Looking forward to these as I feel that Lyn's character creation options and clothing are stylishly limited.


I'm happy to announce that mesh combination mods are now possible in Unreal Engine 4! And that I will put out a full detailed tutorial on how to accomplish this type of mod. Since it is an advanced tutorial that requires a lot of previous modding knowledge and methods, it will just take a bit to polish and complete it. Like my Texture Modding tutorial, I want to make it as fool proof as possible.

These types of mods were scarcely made in UE3 and I guess not a lot of people made sense of how to get it working. There was a tutorial but I honestly could never make sense of how it worked, unfortunately. This is probably due of the various different modding methods you must already be familiar with, including spooky advanced hex edit and searching for sacrifice strings in the hex.

Mesh combination allows us to make entirely unique outfits by mixing and matching different outfit parts. Since Blade & Soul doesn't have a costume system were you put on a top or bottom separately, this method actually allows you to combine meshes from different outfits. If you wanted the jacket from one full outfit to wear with another outfit's pants, then now you can have just the jacket.
An example of that is my character in this screenshot. He is actually wearing parts from 3 different outfits! The jacket, the choker, and then the swim shorts are all from different outfits.

I want to do so many mods using this method, that my head is overwhelmed. lol

Modding will become so much more fun and this is the predecessor to my end goal of modding in BnS: importing custom 3D models in. Once we figure out this final modding method, then there are no limits to what can be made. You can combine parts from as many outfits as you want all in a single main body costume.



Is it like modding the outfit by another accessory
Yes, you swap an entire outfit to an accessory such as the Hongmoon Earrings. There needs to be hex editing to add the needed characters into the file for the earrings. Then by texture editing, you alpha out the parts of that outfit that you wish to keep visible.
So there are two parts to this.
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