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Yevvie's Art Corner


Graphic Designer
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Hi, hello, I'm yevvie and I haz arts.

Some of you may know my designs from B&S Academy guides (press F to pay respect)~
I designed a new logo (and some other things) for Buddy as well, because, come on, it was about time for it to have it's own thing ❤

I work as a freelance graphic designer aka I take orders/commissions from people on the internet and hope they enjoy what they're getting. I'm mostly drawing semi-realistic stuff for games, as well as my own project, Varyel Universe. I even recently released a Prologue of my first comics, you can check it out here~

I'll be sharing my fav BnS related arts in spoilers below.
For more you can visit my Patreon (includes NSFW versions), blog, dA or website. Last one is under construction though so bugs may crawl~

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