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Texture NSFW Wedding Dress

Dream Angel

yes the foot does not appear

The idea of what I'm doing is not to please you guys.
I do this in order for my game client to have as many clothes (textures) changed to my taste as possible.
I do not know how to correctly transfer one appearance to another, I do not need it. I apologize, but I do everything for myself in the first place, but here I share my work. Thank you for your enjoyment, glad to be of service.


My wedding dress was hand made by a close family friend and I think its beautiful The thing is that since we got married Ive lost a lot of weight and I hope that none of my kids are ever the size to fit it so I dont plan on passing it down. Im not sure what Id like to do with it since some of the fabric was worth a pretty penny and is also very gorgeous
So, what did you do with your wedding dress? Or plan on doing with it?
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