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Wedding costume mods


Sand Warrior
If you don't know...2 years ago now? been that long?

Devs at KR originally had stockings on all the females wedding costumes, unknown why it was removed months later.

Only thing I can guess is they wanted panties flying around. What other reason could it be?!

Well it turns out I did have them, I left them in my Mega site files last year....hahahaaa....ok im gonna go...
Oh, right, I've went on and made the costume mod to replace the hongmoon uniform if you want to try the costume
It's 2 folders I've created
1 with the stocking textures
1 with the costume mod
If you just wanna use the mod put it into your cookedpc folder.
If you wanna use the stockings with the mod then grab it out of the texture folder and place it into the mod folder.
Also Also I've added the wedding hair but to use it you need the christmas hat you've got either from the christmas event (vipercap) or from the cash shop when you got the 2015 (or w/e year it was) christmas costume SET
Hat Of Tidings
Last thing, the hat is a little corrupted on the Kun this also happened a while back in my jin with another mod. Not sure why.


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Sand Warrior
didn't we got familiar one ingame already ? or am i imagining? ?_?
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