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Buddy Update

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NOTICE: This update requires you to convert old saved logins to the new ones in Profiles within the Menu.
REMINDER: To use addons the old fashion way via BnS Buddy, it requires Plugin Loader + SigBypass Plugin to work.

+ Added: 3rd spec sum files to toggles
+ Added: BnSBuddy xml format to bnspatch under addons
+ Added: Smoother menu animation
+ Added: NCSoft user profiles (remembered user manager)
+ Optimized: Generation of the SALT to save resources
+ Reworked: How active clients are captured
+ Reworked: How active profiles are detected and managed 
+ Reworked: How users are remembered
+ Reworked: Login form
+ Reworked: Multi Clienting
+ Fixed Bug: Resetting path to default for client path
+ Fixed Bug: Resetting path to default for launcher path
+ Fixed Bug: Viewing mod previews would keep the image in use
+ Fixed Bug: Viewing a deleted mod preview would cause errors and misuse resources
+ Fixed Bug: Catching unexisting processes would occur sometimes and cause errors
+ Fixed Bug: Launcher text logs would be out of bounds when multiclient feature is active
+ Fixed Bug: Could not apply multiple addons at the same time
+ Fixed Bug: Having no remembered users when remember me is enabled would disable it on login form
+ Fixed Bug: Launching a caught game would not use custom arguments
+ Fixed Bug: Transparent scroll bar would occur until scroll event is triggered
+ Fixed Bug: Data path for legacy clients used wrong pathing for dat files
+ Fixed Bug: Autologin would not work even if any multiclient feature was turned off
+ Fixed Bug: Patches.xml was not installed at the proper location when installing bnspatch plugin
Not open for further replies.
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