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They should have tested warrior longer or at least put it in their test server.


Just like soul fighter just like gunner and now warrior i'm not impressed.

It is now 2018 and NC is still showing CGI and not actual gameplay when they announce new classes.
Soul fighter showcase, people dancing on stage with little to no class showcase at the end, ohhh wow so cool.
Gunner showcase in mini CGI movie showing pretty nice animations that are not in game whatsoever.

Now warrior, right from the be beginning I knew it would end poorly even the kr players are talking about how bad it is right now.

My first question before I rant off. Why in the (so called) trailer does the warrior show a red aura like hes on fire and in game your skills use FROST and Lighting!? What? BTW Frost doesn't even use ice skills...you'd think you'd see monsters getting iced or something, but no....it's nothing at all

Anyway, in game spending some hours in the training room I've learned that in order to use your special "rage" skills you need to stuck up a certain buff till it his 100 for lighting build, you can simply attack with RB and F or 4 a few times to do this. Once you've stacked up 100 TAB into rage.

Now the dumb part. You have about 5 seconds to use any of the rage skills before it wears off...why 5 seconds? I would love it to be maybe 15 or 20 but 5? I wonder how that's gonna work in PVP.

Btw it takes a good while to stack them up.

In Frost build you stuck up about 3 or 5 whenever your 4 CD is ready to be used again. Only your 4 key, every other skills did not stack. I gotta say after Tabbing with Frost build the animation for it is pretty sick, reminds me of Light jak from Jak 3.

Anyway, same with Lighting build you have about 5 seconds, but with Frost you can only use 1 and 2 before the skill wears off, 3 and 4 if I recall last a moment.

The class has only 1 air combo which....really isn't a air combo at all to be honest.
A few stuns and knockdowns mostly.

The skill are pretty, more so with frost build....THAT'S PRETTY MUCH IT

Your Z special is just a ripoff of the warlocks soul burn and a recolor outfit.

Yes your skills DO take your hp but it's not all that bad to be honest.

We all know later on patches will come to fix these problems but they again really should have put this in the test server FIRST like SF and Gun. I don't know why they didn bother with warrior.
Aside from all that, they've updated the training room.....not in a way to actually train tho.

Client 2018-06-14 10-41-29-017.png

Such hype

Oh, forgot, if you play KR they are giving away free character slots (good luck on getting that) and free level 50 jumps and gear.

Gear you can get here.

For the level 50 jump buy it in game in F9
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