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Other The Official Blade & Soul Fankit

Discussion in 'Other' started by Dad, Mar 2, 2018.

  1. Dad

    Dad Sand Warrior Modder Member

    For years I've been collecting junk.......MY junk off the official B&S Sites and keeping them all nice and neat (sort of..)
    Years later when UPKManager released and months after I've decided to go digging around the games U.I (User interface) and found the mother load of stuff.

    Gem, craft, weapons, faction, and skill Icons!
    Soul Shields, Accessories, TEXT, Daily Dash Wheel, class emblems!

    And of course the official Blade & Soul Logos, even the tournament Logos!
    (logos were actually taken from the official site years back oh and wallpaper, for phones too)

    Note: Some things in these images my be changed from updates.

    957.4 MB Btw...

    A Endless, your search post is SICK! All forums need somethin cool as that.
    Last edited: Sep 23, 2018
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  2. tcodex101

    tcodex101 Cricket Member

    Dang...quite the collection you got here. Btw, where in the UPKManager are you able to see the files you were able to extract? Such as wallpapers, icons, etc? Thanks if you can assist or let me know.
  3. Endless

    Endless Founder Staff Member Administrator

    This is gonna get handy :bnskiss:
  4. Dad

    Dad Sand Warrior Modder Member

    You can't extract the wallpapers because it's a different format if I recall. As for everything else, UPKManager list 70% of everything next to the file numbers so it was easy to find what's what.
  5. tcodex101

    tcodex101 Cricket Member

    That's a bummer, but hey, thanks for the heads up. I might create my own release of whatever I find or useful for others.
  6. War

    War Sand Warrior Member

    good job :bnsthumbsup:

    FLAMIN Cricket Member

    Please don't stop it! That's a juicy collection
  8. avendurree23

    avendurree23 Cricket Member

    The link is not working anymore
  9. Dad

    Dad Sand Warrior Modder Member

    Yeah and I think ima keep it like that too. From what I can tell from our crappy ass community never showing any respect for anyone at all for this stupid reason or that, getting mad at each other for the most idiotic things. Always crying and complaining over EVERY little thing and let's not forget the dumb ass managers and support screwing people over, putting costumes in trove, dumb ass events and lies they pull out their asses, cares 2 Cents about PVP and skill bugs that's been around since the games opening. No, fuck all that. I'll be giving my middle finger to all this.

    Matter of fact if the mods want to they can lock this topic.
    Give a little to get. Apparently it's even a god sin to give a little.
  10. k0ote_

    k0ote_ Cricket Member

    Exactly what I was looking for.
    Can you please re-upload? It's no longer available.
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  11. vuyukia

    vuyukia Cricket Member

    please update the link /shy
  12. Magnum

    Magnum Cricket Member

    Someone please re-upload this, the link is dead :bnscry:
  13. WaffleKing

    WaffleKing Cricket Member

    I'd like a reupload fo this as well.
  14. Tirziz

    Tirziz Cricket Member

    If possible can u give me the splash (3) thanks
  15. MusitaX

    MusitaX Cricket Member

    Aw, where is the Downloas link? /cry
  16. avendurree23

    avendurree23 Cricket Member

    idk, the author probably got pissed off by someone, so he deleted the link, now everyone has to deal with it, ngl this fkn sucks, wanted to see all the wallpapers too