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Texture Skill Illusion for Lyn Blade Master: Resurrection


Hello, for the past year I have been working on restoring some old skill effects for the Blade Dancer class. Though it is incomplete I decided to release it for players still wanting to play the Lightning & Wind specs. This is a work in progress but I hope many BD players will find this mod satisfactory.

Issues: Does not work in conjunction with BnS Buddy's FX Removal nor In-game skill Illusions. Intentionally Removed Wind Badge Effect, do not use this Mod if you like the Badge Effect.

Download includes two different versions. One with "Dual Strike" Effects and one without.


  • Resurrection.zip
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I've noticed that your post does not follow the guidelines:

Things missing:
  • Region where the mod was tested
  • Virustotal link

Aditionally, I strongly recommend you release this as 2 zip files, adding a description and a slightly more descriptive name, with a description.txt file inside.
If possible, include a screenshot/gif showing the differences (with the name "preview").


Hey that's so damn cool, I was wondering tho, if u can maybe make a UPK that swaps Death toll (grim spec) with the OG lightning typhoon? I think it'll look really cool with grim spamming two different typhoons all the time.
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