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Texture NSFW R18-Mod For Yun

Mochi Đậu Xanh

Pirate Savior


  • Client 2021-07-02 17-24-36.png
    Client 2021-07-02 17-24-36.png
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  • Client 2021-07-02 17-26-41.png
    Client 2021-07-02 17-26-41.png
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  • Client 2021-07-02 17-27-23.png
    Client 2021-07-02 17-27-23.png
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  • Client 2021-07-02 17-26-22.png
    Client 2021-07-02 17-26-22.png
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Dream Angel

Delightful mod, very high quality texture makes it a bold plus.
Even the structure of the skin is visible, I have never seen such a quality in Blade & Soul.

Your mods made me restart BNS. Can your mods be applied to recent UE4 updates without any problems? I'd appreciate it if you let me know.
Judging by the story of @KimCoder, it is possible to modify, but it is more difficult than UE3.
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