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Solved Plugins Pack not working


Today i tried BNS plugins. Acording to the info available i installed the Addons Pack from this link (https://www.bnsbuddy.com/threads/addon-pack.428/). I applied the "Simple Mode at lvl1) apply patch followed by Launch game and the following error apears.

"Invalid Game client file. Please Update the game client or reeinstall. (1003).

So my question is. Am i missing something on the procedure, or is just the addon out of date, so i m out of luck for the moment.

I did noticed a "Plugin Loader" under the extra settings but i didnt toutch it as i couldnt find information on what it does or if it is needed.


Staff member

For now, the plugin loader may not work.

You can install everything manually by following the instructions in: https://github.com/bnsmodpolice/bnspatch


a bit confused.

So by going to the site i assumed the main file i need is the "Loader3" (assuming this is the file that makes everything beeing able to load).
After applying it it trows an error. This is the same error that some ppl already complained on the forums and they get told not to use the latest version. But since i dont see any previous version available anywhere my best best for now is to wait for an update, right?
If that is the case, should i wait for an update from the "loader" or from the "BnS Buddy"?


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Plugins Pack or Addons Pack?
They're 2 different things.

Also, we don't have any plugins pack.

An update will be released today to fix some bugs and added and reworked a couple features :)
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